Services That Help Clients Achieve Desired Results

Board & Governance

Boards are an important resource to improve results, increase impact, and build value. Having a flexible and well-balanced governance structure is critical to leveraging the combined strength of the key stakeholders. This often includes: Realigning board and management expectations; Assessing current board and governance structure; and/or Creating or reconstituting the board.

Transitional Leadership

There are times when an Interim Executive is an optimal solution (e.g. CEO, President, GM, CFO, or COO). As an interim executive we help sort out the real performance challenges and implement necessary changes. This goes beyond advice and puts important resources at your side to implement and execute the required changes. This is often essential during critical periods of an organization’s life, including generational transition, business re-start, turnaround, or internal change.

Restructuring - Restoration - Renewal

Organizations under stress (sales declining, unable to meet financial obligations, cash flow struggles, downward margin pressure, debt obligations driving business decision, etc.) need to re-evaluate their operating structure. Including for example: Financial/Balance Sheet restructuring; Operational structure/framework; Changing the business model; and Retooling the Governance model.

Operating & Strategic Planning

Getting everyone on the same page — focused on the same priorities — is sometimes challenging. Establishing a common direction, vision, and purpose is critical. We will work with your organization to establish a framework for your future, the key priorities, the action plans, key accountabilities, and the dashboard for success.